David Crosby

The WanderLust
Main character Will Harper lives on a 57-foot Grand Banks Trawler, much like MacDonald's Travis McGee lived on a houseboat. My own love of boats began with a 16-foot runabout and has lasted through four houseboats and a cabin cruiser. I even lived on the last houseboat for two years while building a lakefront home. The Will Harper Novels have a social justice theme, tackling topics such as eminent domain abuse, jail/bail scams, opioids, human trafficking, pollution and senior citizen ripoffs as Will cruises the Florida Gulf coast.

Marilyn and I love to cruise the Caribbean

Me and Captain Rick

The non-fiction book "Keeping Us Afloat" is set on a trip down the Intra Coastal Waterway from Maryland to Sarasota, Florida, on a 42-foot Grand Banks trawler. Real-life captain Rick Hanson and I spent two weeks traveling 1300 miles down the ICW to bring the boat from Oxford, Maryland to Sarasota, Florida. The trip helped inspire the Will Harper series, and a fictional version of Rick is a series regular.

About my business name, Crosby Stills
Part of my commercial photography career included working as a stills photographer on feature film sets and TV commercial shoots. The director would finish the scene, then call out "Ready for stills!" I'd race into position to shoot in minutes what the film crew had sometimes spent hours setting up. I resisted using the Crosby Stills name for years, until in the mid-90's, when I needed a new website. www.crosbystills.com was available and the name easy to remember. It gave me an email address that I've had for more than twenty-five years. It was NOT an effort to capitalize on the band's famous name. I met Graham Nash at a photography conference in New York in the early 90's, and in later years met singer David Crosby after a concert in Asheville,NC. They were both very gracious, and "The Cros" signed my Crosby Stills business card for me. That's the real story.

David Crosby meets David Crosby

I have a life-long love of travel and of living in interesting homes. I’ve cruised much of the Caribbean and visited Mexico, Canada and Paris, all while living in a plantation house, a 1929 synagogue, a house boat, a lakeside log home and a horse farm, among others.

My wife Marilyn and I are now in the process of turning a Key West style “tiny house” into a slightly less tiny one by adding a bedroom and bathroom suite and a garage. Never a dull moment!

PS-We finally finished the addition in March of 2022