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Keeping Us Afloat
SKU: 978-1492989967

In November of 1999, photographer David Crosby set off on a dream trip; helping to pilot a 42' Grand Banks trawler 1,300 miles down the Intra Coastal Waterway from Oxford, Maryland, to Sarasota, Florida.  He only had two weeks to make the trip, as he'd promised his family that he'd be home in Greenville, South Carolina, for the Thanksgiving dinner.

David's two week long running conversation with Captain Rick, the boat owner’s representative, turned the trip into something else.  As they shared stories, Rick told of his travels and troubles, and David of his decades long effort to bring happiness to his wife Jenny while still leading a fun and exciting life along the way.  From poverty to a clash with the law, college to success, living in a plantation house,  a synagogue, a houseboat, a log home and a farm, Crosby's candid story of his never ending efforts to fulfill Jenny's dreams fill the long hours of driving the boat. Only after telling the whole story during the two week cruise does David realize that he will never make his wife happy.  Only she can do that for herself.

Part travelogue and part memoir, this engaging story of adventure and challenge is filled with the craziness of being a commercial photographer in the 80's and 90's, and of the difficulties of trying to make someone else happy.  It's a journey worth taking. The book includes a link to a web site containing photography from the ICW trip and from other stories included in the timeline.
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