David Crosby

Writing is a passion I developed as a journalism major at the University of Georgia, earning an ABJ in Magazine Writing. Photography took over my life in the meantime, and it's only in the past few years that writing has re-emerged as a focus in my life.

A long time fan of mysteries by authors including John D. MacDonald, Randy Wayne White, and James W. Hall, my love of the genre has led to the Florida based "Will Harper” series.

Main character Will Harper lives on a 57-foot Grand Banks Trawler, much like MacDonald's Travis McGee lived on a houseboat. My own love of boats began with a 16-foot runabout and has lasted through four houseboats and a cabin cruiser. The Will Harper Novels have a social justice theme, tackling topics such as eminent domain abuse, jail/bail scams, opioids, human trafficking, pollution and senior citizen ripoffs.

I live in Land O Lakes, Florida, with my wife Marilyn, a retired Lutheran Pastor, and our 
lovable Shih Tzu, Zoe.

PS - About my business name, Crosby Stills. Part of my commercial photography career included working as a stills photographer on feature film sets and TV commercial shoots. The director would finish the scene, then call out "Ready for stills!" I'd race into position to shoot in minutes what the film crew had sometimes spent hours setting up. I resisted using the Crosby Stills name for years, until in the mid-90's, when I needed a new website. www.crosbystills.com was available and the name easy to remember. It gave me an email address that I've had for more than twenty-five years. It was NOT an effort to capitalize on the band's famous name. I met Graham Nash at a photography conference in New York in the early 90's, and in later years met singer David Crosby after a concert in Asheville,NC. They were both very gracious, and "The Cros" signed my Crosby Stills business card for me. That's the real story.

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Finished at last!

Finished at last!
Jun 29, 2022 by David Crosby
It was a long year, but we finally finished the addition to our tiny house, affectionately known as Our Happy Place! Living amid the construction was a major distraction, but I also finished Will Harper #8, Paradise Gone. It's available on Amazon as of July 3rd, 2022. Hopefully book 9 won't take nearly so long.

Will Harper's World

Will Harper's World
Sep 14, 2021 by David Crosby
Will Harper is based in Palmetto, Florida, at a marina across the Manatee River from Bradenton. He lives on the Wanderlust, a 57-foot Grand Banks trawler. The SailFin Point Marina in the series is patterned after the Regatta Pointe marina in Palmetto, and has the real Riverhouse Restaurant. Many of the places and restaurants featured in the story are real, and I always try to have the characters ordering food from their menus. If you read of a meal that sounds great, go try it for yourself!