The Florida Shuffle

The Florida Shuffle

A Will Harper Novel
The Will Harper Mystery series 4
Published by Crosby Stills
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What readers say about The Florida Shuffle...

Rich K. wrote,
Just finishing your last novel, and waiting for your next.  Reading your work is like listening to a neighborhood friend!

Bookaddict wrote,
The abuse of patients who are caught in the vicious clutches of drug addiction and those who prey on their vulnerability has to be told, not once, but over and over again. This story exposes some of the ghastly facts which lead to the death or ruined lives of people's precious sons and daughters. Thanks to David Crosby for playing his part to heighten awareness of the problem of drug addiction and the evil people who get rich by supplying narcotic drugs to drag the victims deeper and deeper into a lifestyle that can only end in destruction and disaster.

Marcia wrote,
My only complaint about David Crosby and his series concerning will Harper, is that I end up losing a lot of sleep, and work around the house rarely gets done. His writing style is consuming with wanting to know what’s coming next.This plot concerned a drug rehab center and attempts on his girlfriend Callie’s life and his own.

From the UK, Jonathon S. wrote,
I have read both this and another of David's books over the last two weekends. They are impossible to put down as the stories unfold. With a backdrop of serious issues, this series of novels is as good as any I have read set in Florida. There are many and include some big name writers so congratulation to the author. Please keep writing.
Kindle & Paperback | 277 pages | 6x9 | 978-0998194325 | February 9, 2019
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